Creative Learning Groups

AGE GROUPS: Primary (3-5 yrs) & Junior (6-11 yrs)

Write it up

This handwriting class focuses on control, clarity and speed. It works simultaneously on correction of grip, strengthening of fine motor skills and fluidity of movement. This session is conducted in a creative and relaxed environment where the child plays an active role.

Speak Easy

These classes focus on language development, expression and communication. Each session is interactive and activity based. This ensures the child develops self confidence, clarity of thought and speech. They also improve their vocabulary and become effective communicators.

Story time

These experiential sessions include listening and dramatizing stories while focusing on communication and expression. It enhances expressive language, comprehension, perception and other cognitive functions. These skills are improved by practical application based activities and not just passive listening.

Rhythm Circle

In this session, individuals are involved in fun and engaging rhythm based activities that use percussion instruments, body and voice. These activities help decrease impulsivity, improve control of hyperactivity, fosters participation and social interaction and boosts creativity

Phonics Class

Phonics is a method of learning to read by associating letters to their corresponding sounds. This approach lays the foundation for reading, writing and spelling, enabling the child to break down new words and apply suitable skills to read fluently. This class uses a creative and dynamic approach to phonics, encouraging children to participate and learn in an interactive manner.