About Us

At Horizon, we strongly believe in going beyond the verbal realm and using arts as a alternate form of expression. It enables a different perspective to processing information that may be hard to process verbally. We aim to provide an accessible and comfortable place for individuals to process and find support.

When working with children it involves child-directed play based activities that enable children to actively participate in the process instead of merely following instruction. For adolescents, it is an alternative and creative form of expression when verbalization may be difficult. For young adults it provides a medium of processing experiences or issues.


To provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment that helps individuals cope with difficulties.

To provide an alternative form of expression using creative arts (Movement, Music, Art and Drama) embedded in research based practice.

To use creativity to enable an individual to learn, accept, overcome and live with difficulties.


Aim at spreading awareness on the role of creative arts therapies in social, psychological and mental well-being.

About the Director

Tarana Khatri

Dance defines me - who I am and what I do. I was introduced to this way of life at the age of 6. It taught me discipline, determination and persistence and has made me the person I am. Professionally I have received certification in jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop from the Commonwealth Society for Teachers of Dancing (CSTD), Australia. I have taught jazz and hip hop to children between the age of 5 and 12 - something I truly enjoyed and it taught me to be responsible, reliable and observant. I perceive dance as something beyond mere choreography and performance. It is a form of expression and emotion – a comfort and solace. This is what led me to explore and look at dance as therapy.

My foray into the professional world of healing through dance started when I took part in a year-long internship at RASA School for holistic development, soon after my undergraduate course in Psychology. Here I worked as a facilitator for individuals between the age of 14 to 50, using arts (dance, drama, art and storytelling) to achieve social, behavioral and cognitive goals. Thus began the process of creatively working with individuals through body and other creative mediums. This motivated me to pursue a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK. The exposure and knowledge from the course helped chart my career as a therapist. Though the journey was an arduous one on a personal and professional level, it enabled me to live my dream and establish movement therapy in India. It provided me with opportunities to work in different settings with varied people and taught me to work as part of a team.

This was my foundation and I continue to build on this with my experiences as a consulting therapist. My work makes my life meaningful and constantly sculpts my approach as a therapist and a human being.