Our Team

Tarana Khatri

Movement Psychotherapist


After receiving my BSc Psychology degree, I went to Scotland to pursue a MSc in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I strongly believe that movement and other arts are a strong medium of expression. Tapping into these alternative forms provides the individual a different perspective and sometimes makes it easier to process difficult thoughts or experiences. I have started a company called Synchrony that works towards spreading awareness on the importance of this connection. I am a registered practitioner with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP),UK.

I have been working as a Movement Psychotherapist in a few paediatric therapy centres and schools. I worked one to one as well as groups providing support for better emotional expression and understanding, behaviour modification and overall development. I have worked separately with parents providing support groups. I believe that using alternative creative mediums of expression provides a perspective that is very different from the cognitive or verbal aspect of processing.


Counsellor / Therapist


I received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from JBAS College. My keen interest in child psychology and working with differently abled children led me to pursue a PG Diploma in Special Education at Vidya Sagar. This broadened my interest leading me to complete two certification courses in “Counselling People with Disabilities” and “Family Therapy”. Following this I completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology from Madras School of Social Work. I have received practical experience in counseling during my internship at Bala vidya mandir and Wisdom hospital. I also interned with Indradhanu Waldorf School and Grassroots to gain experience in special education.

Being an artist myself, I was always intrigued in the healing and therapeutic element of arts and creative expression. I believe that creativity and arts can bring in more freedom and provide a space to express once feelings and concerns. A space where one can create what they want and encourage them to explore their own creation. I think the experience of using creative modalities in a therapy is a healing by itself.


Ambika Krishnamurthy

Counsellor / Therapist


I received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai. I then completed my masters in Counselling Psychology from Madras School of Social Work, Chennai. My interest in children led me to do a course in learning difficulties. I have worked at a variety of institutions including Ashiana Hospital for Mental health and Government Mental Hospital, Kilpauk. I have worked as a special educator at Pebbles rehabilitation centre and been a counsellor at Chennai public school. I also worked at Wisdom De-addiction Centre as a Personality Development Trainer cum Counsellor. I use creative arts as a medium of processing and reflection. I feel that using alternative mediums of expression encourage the child’s involvement and initiation during sessions.




I completed my Bachelor of Sociology from M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women. I was introduced to counselling through a particular subject in my undergraduate and was attracted to the profession from then on. I then continued to receive a Master of Counselling degree from Monash University in Australia. I interned at a primary school and provided online counselling in Melbourne. During my internship, I conducted group therapy for children with social difficulties and individual sessions with the use of Play therapy, Art therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I tend to alter my approaches based on what is most likely to help my client tell their story and is suitable for their needs.

I strongly believe in the use of art to assist my clients in discovering themselves, getting a core understanding about their thoughts and behaviours and to convey their problems, especially when they are unable to do so verbally. Also, it provides a safe platform to introspect and see a different perspective to their situation. I believe expressive arts can broaden the individuals’ comprehension of self and the world.



Special Educator


During my tenure in the banking industry I had colleagues with children that had learning difficulties and special needs. They shared about their challenges and difficulties of finding affective learning methodologies that worked for their children. Following this, I chose to gain formal training in special education at Madras Dyslexia Association. On completion of my course I volunteered as a teacher and conducted one to one remedial sessions at Alpha to Omega Learning Centre in Chennai. In the 11 years since I started I have equipped myself with various methodologies and techniques to support learning in children. I employ an integration of these alternative methods to cater to the needs of the child I’m working with.